A couple days ago I was asked “Why is your product(s) better than what you can get at the store?”.  What a great question and here is my answer!

When looking at the ingredients of a big commercial brand soap what do you see?  Lots of synthetic and chemically synthesized ingredients that either cause the skin to dry out or may also be more prone to cause acne.  There are other ingredients that are just fillers that do not benefit your skin, some harmful to your skin.

Our ingredients are all natural, no fillers and are all beneficial to the skin.  Our ingredient list shows oils such as Coconut Oil which is an excellent cleansing oil, Olive Oil which is a wonderful emollient, Palm and Palm Kernel which add emollient as well as hardness so you get a Cleansing Bar that will last – typically longer than the commercial brands. Our Cleansing Bars add moisture to your skin rather than removing the oils.  Skin is the largest organ of the body ~ protect it and nourish it!